The series of how to learn American football from the very basics. The first link is to the video, whereas the ‘Text’ is to the blog post about the corresponding video.

How the NFL Season Works

The FieldText




Onside Kicks

Gameplay: Downs and Yards To GoText

Gameplay Pt. 2: Goal to go

Rushing and PassingText



The Clock and Timing

The Play Clock

Referees and Penalties (Part 1)Text

Referees and Penalties (Part 2 – Common Penalties)

Pre-snap RequirementsText

Audibles, Shifting, and Sending A Man In MotionText


Defenseless Players

Offensive Formations

Offensive Plays

Common Wide Receiver Routes

Defensive Formations

Defensive Plays

What is Play Action?

Common Offensive Stats

Passer Rating

Intentional Grounding


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