Great… and Not so Great Responsibility

The scorer’s role is more important in some areas than in others. The scorer has no direct effect on the game itself, that is to say, they cannot help one team or the other as far as the outcome of the game is concerned.

On the other hand, there is a great sense of responsibility in a game that has remained so true to its roots to keep an accurate account of what takes place. When players are in a race for the batting title, averages are often only a few points apart—the decision made early in the season over whether a batted ball is a hit or an error could have a major impact on a contract, a player, even a whole city.

Remember that your job, above all else, is to follow the rulebook. You can’t give the shortstop an error just because he gave you a funny look in the parking lot. Much of what you record, especially for local games, probably won’t be remembered for more than a few days, but just like the players, the game demands respect from everyone. And whether anyone else realizes it or not, you are a part of the game.

Do your best, it’s all anyone can ask. Record the most accurate game that you can; there’s no way that you won’t encounter a ruling that you are unsure of at some point. It’s not a big deal, just wait until after the game and consult the rule book. Go back and fix anything you need to and you’ll be ready for the next time it happens.


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