Crazy Play One

Every once in a while a crazy play happens in which multiple rulings need to be made. I’ll explain these plays from time to time, without going over specific rules (if you ever want further explanation, let me know at

Remember that a good way to gain experience is playing with hypotheticals. What would the call be if this happened rather than that? The more variations you can know the call for before it happens the better. It’s like gaining experience without actually having the play occur.

Runners on first and third base with one out.

A wild pitch gets past the catcher and both runners take off. The catcher gets the ball on the rebound and dives back to tag out the runner coming from third base. The putout is Unassisted-2.

The runner from first base, who advanced to second base on the wild pitch, sees the play at home plate and doesn’t hesitate to go to third base. The catcher stands up and throws the ball—poorly—into left field. The runner breaks for home and beats the throw of the left fielder home.

The runner on first base advanced to second base on the wild pitch, third base on the play at home (you could call it a fielder’s choice), and home plate on a throwing error by the catcher.


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