The Positions

My second topic is the positions that each team takes on the field. On defense, each team has nine players who stand on the field. These positions are grouped into three categories:

Battery: Pitcher and Catcher

Infielders: First baseman, Second baseman, Third baseman, and Shortstop

Outfielders: Left fielder, Center fielder, and Right fielder

The video contains the location that each one traditionally stands, but there are no rules that force them to remain in that area of the field.

The other team, who in this case would be on the offensive side, only has a few players on the field. The first one is the batter, who will stand in the batter’s box and try to get on base. If he is successful in getting on base he becomes a base runner. There can be zero, one, two, or three base runners on the field at a time.

Each team’s nine players are put into an order called the lineup, which determines the order that each of the players will be the batter. They must bat in that same order throughout the game, however, they can switch defensive positions at any point. Some games will have a designated hitter, who will not play defense, but will bat in the place of the pitcher.

Also on the field are umpires, who are the referees that oversee the game. In most games there will be four—one for each base and home plate—but in many leagues there will only be two.


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