Who’s the Winner?

Like most sports, the winner in baseball is the team that has the most points (or in baseball’s case most runs) at the end of the game. Without a time limit though, how is the end of the game decided?

A baseball game is divided into sections called innings. At the beginning of the game the home team will play defense and the offensive team will bat. After three outs, the teams switch sides. After the visiting team plays defense until they get three outs, one inning has been completed.

The teams alternate in this fashion nine times—or for nine innings. At the end of nine innings, the team with the most runs is the winner. Some leagues may change this—some play six innings, some play seven.

In the case of a tie after the final inning, they continue play into the tenth inning. If after the tenth inning one team has more runs, they are the winner, but if the game is still tied, they play one more. Because of this games can last for hours (the longest ever lasted 33 innings).


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