A Football Field

As with any sport, it makes sense to understand the part of the game that doesn’t move (the field) before getting to the players.

A football field is 120 yards long and 160 feet wide. There are two areas on each side, 10 yards wide, called the end zones. That leaves a space, 100 yards long, in the middle where most of the action takes place. The center of the field is the 50-yard line and as you move to each side the numbers get smaller (40-yard line, 30-yard line, etc.) until you get to the end zones. The line that separates the end zone from the rest of the field is called the goal line.

You will sometimes called the area between the 20-yard line and the goal line called the red zone. This will make more sense when we actually get into how the game is played.

Field goal posts, sometimes called uprights, are located at the back of each end zone. These will be used for kicking field goals and extra points—which we’ll get into in the next post.


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