I started this blog about baseball scorekeeping in the summer of 2010, but after taking the winter off, I discovered a site called The Khan Academy. The goal of Khan Academy is to provide “a free world-class education for anyone anywhere.” I was very inspired by this site, and while I will leave the important subjects to Mr. Khan, I felt that I could create a similar series of videos about baseball.

I intended to use the videos to teach people who had no knowledge of a particular sport every aspect of it, for free. You can find a rulebook for any sport online or watch many a game on TV, but for an absolute beginner that rarely helps. I created the videos for people from non-US countries who aren’t exposed to games like baseball regularly or mothers of little leaguers who sit in the stands trying to figure out what their kid is doing out there (when he isn’t eating dirt). To do this meant putting the game into extremely simple terms so it would be accessible to beginners. As the series progressed I was able to throw in some strategy as well.

Though baseball has offered me more topics than any other sport to make videos about, I have begun series on numerous sports including football, basketball, and hockey. The ultimate goal is to have tutorials for every game—not just sport—that it seems fitting for.


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