This playlist is aimed at teaching the rules of baseball to anyone new to the sport that would like to learn how to play. It starts by introducing the field itself, followed by the basic rules of the sport, which should allow you to follow along under most circumstances of a game. The rules used are those of Major League Baseball, although they are applicable at most levels of the game. If there is any confusion over something I describe let me know, but it’s always best to consult the official rule book.

As of late 2014, things are under construction, meaning some of the videos in this series are being redone and the order of the following videos may shift slightly.

The Basics

If you know nothing about baseball this is the place to start. Better yet, follow the YouTube playlist which incorporates examples from real games after each topic is discussed.

The Field

The Positions

Balls, Strikes, and The Count


Game structure and Innings

Reaching base: Hits and Walks

Force outs

Pitchers: Pitch Type, Giving Signs, Pitcher Roles

Becoming a base runner after striking out


Stealing a Base

Wild pitches and passed balls

Being Putout on a Wild Pitch (Not Caught Stealing)

Fielder’s Choice

Sacrifice Fly

The Infield Fly Rule

Sacrifice Bunts: Part IText

Sacrifice Bunts: Part II

Is Bunting a Good Stragegy?

Example Inning One: Part I

Example Inning One: Part II

Left on Base and Scoring Position

The Infield Fly Rule

Two Runners on the Same BaseText

Passing Another BaserunnerText


Double Switch

Running Out of the BaselineText

Balks: Part I

Balks: Part II

Runner and Batter Interference: Part I

Runner and Batter Interference: Part II

Hitter Stats

Batting AverageText

Runs Batted In: Part I

Runs Batted In: Part II

What is Not an RBI?

Why RBIs can be Misleading

How to Calculate On Base Percentage

Comparing Batting Average and On Base Percentage

Can a Player’s Batting Average Be Higher than his On-Base Percentage?

Fielding PercentageText

Pitcher Stats

Winning pitcher

Losing pitcher


What Does Pitcher Wins Actually Tell Us?

How to Earn a Win or Save Without Throwing a Pitch

Runs allowed, Earned runs, and Unearned runs

Earned Run Average (ERA)Text

More Advanced Stuff

A Pitch Clock?

Sacrifice Bunts: Rare situation

Batting out of OrderText

Outs (Illegal Batter Actions)

Uncommon Outs: Part I

Uncommon Outs: Part II

Less Common Runner Outs: Part I

Less Common Runner Outs: Part II

Putouts: GeneralText

Putouts: Catcher

Putouts: Other – Part I

Putouts: Other – Part II


Not Assists

The Intentional Dropped Fly Ball Rule

Why Would Anyone Run the Bases Backwards?

Appeals: Part I

Appeals: Part II

Fourth Out

Other Runners During Appeal Plays

Player and Fan Interference

Difference Between Caught Stealing and Picked off

Which Fielder Gets the Error When There is a Collision?

How to Prove a Box Score

Is a Runner Out if Touched While Running the Bases?

When You CAN Assume the Double Play

How much do you have to play to qualify for post-season awards?

Consecutive Hitting and Playing Streaks

Which Pitcher is Responsible When They Change Mid-At Bat?


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